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boleadoras – the dance

In the middle of the 70ies an argentine choreographer discovered, inspired by the love and curisosity to his homeland and its history, the boleadoras for the art of dance.

First he tried to dance with his students with 3 balls. But soon it was evident that dancing with 3 balls was not pracical for choreography. By taking only two balls the range of dance and rhythm possibilities increased tremendous.

A stunning dance was developed, acrobatically, artistically and virtuosic.

Today the boleadoras are a passionate, powerful and vital instrument of expressing music and rhythm. The boleadoras exist of two seperate strings with a wooden ball on each end. They can be moved individually.

The balls are flying with a breath taking speed and buzzing sound through the air. They capture the audience, mouth opening, thrilling and bolstering. They lend the courage to stand straight and dive into life.