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Iris Zenker and boleadoras - II


La Savia was born. A fine little concept crystallized and almost caught me off-guard. The theme of male and female energy, which could bound or destroy the world, was- and still is- a long nurtured theme inside me, which I already expressed in some other artistic performance. And now with round and loud and hard balls. Round for female, hard for male, loud for both and rhythm is the place where both can come together for unification.

How could it be possible to bring this concept on stage, being entertaining and thrilling? What is the point I want to express, to communicate? So many questions tot hink of. I practiced, tried out, rejected and wrote down.

„La Savia“ the power of earth and heaven, developed by doing, got bigger, shaped, happier, wider and more and more colourful.

In May 2012 it was time: the choreography was done, the set decoration completed, the music chosen, the balls polished and I was happy. My long nurtured heart’s desire became reality. Let’s show the world.

On 20.07.2012 was the premiere of „La Savia“ in my own rehearsal room. I invited all my good friends. They came with curiosity, not knowing what will come next. It was one of my most exciting moments in my life- maybe similar to give birth to my beloved daughter.

This was another birth. The birth of imagination. My daughter accompanied me with the cajon- a rhythm instrument for flamenco dance.

It was a fantastic and wonderful evenning. All my friends were delighted.

To fullfill ones heart’s desire, to chare this one moment with others, is a gift from heaven. Thanks to all who stand by my side with guidance, action and love.

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